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Access Date Functions
This page gives a brief description of the most useful date functions in Microsoft Access. You can use these functions in VBA code or as expressions in a query. Access Help gives more details than we can include here and will describe exactly how these functions operate in your version of Access.

Note that functions are always followed by a pair of brackets even if - as with the Date() function - there's nothing in between them. The VBA editor in Access will sometimes remove these brackets but by entering them you are telling Access that you are attempting to use a function.

Remember that a date or a datetime in Access is wrapped in # symbols - for example: #28/02/2000#.

Date() Gives today's date. Date$() gives the date as a string. There is also a Date command which sets the system date.
Day(<date>) Returns the day of the month (1 .. 31) of <date>.
DateAdd(<interval>,<number>,<date>) Adds an interval to <date>. These intervals can be anything from seconds to years depending on the value of the <interval> parameter.
DateDiff(<interval>, <date1>, <date2>) Subtracts <date2> from <date1> and gives the result in the units specified by the <interval> parameter. Uses the same codes for <interval> as DateAdd() above.
DatePart(<interval>, <datetime>) Extracts a part of <datetime>, for example the minute, week or quarter.
Format(<datetime>, <format>) Returns <datetime> as a string of text in the format specified.
Hour(<time>) Returns the hour of <time> as a number from 0 to 23. Note that midnight is 00:00 and that means that midnight "tonight" is actually tomorrow.
Minute(<time>) Returns the minute of <time> as a number from 0 to 59.
Month(<date>) Returns the month number of <date>.
Now() Returns the current date and time from the system clock.
Second(<time>) Returns the seconds component of <time> as a number from 0 to 59.
Time() Returns the current time. The Time$() function gives it as a string. There is also a Time command which sets the system time.
WeekDay(<date>) Gives the day of the week as a number from 1 to 7.
Year(<date>) Returns the year number of <date>.
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